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In other times, it suddenly became read-only after you have been using it for a while. If you are not sure which reason has caused your WD My Passport external hard drive read-only on Mac, check the scenarios one by one. If you know the reason already, you can jump to the scenario that best describes your situation. You can view the files saved on the NTFS-formatted partition or drive but can't make any changes to them.

In addition, the WD My Passport hard drive won't let you add any files to it. Note: You can also right-click the disk icon at the desktop and choose "Get Info" to check the file system information. It works with macOS It can list all attached external disks including USB flash drives, SD cards, memory sticks, external hard drives and so on.

You can open them with one click. Since your WD external hard drive is write-protected, all your write access is denied. If you can see the message "You can only read", then you will understand why you can't write to your WD My Passport drive. Step 1: Click on the lock icon at the right corner in the Get Info window. Step 4: Click on the gear button and choose "Apply to enclosed items…". If you are sure that the read-only WD My Passport is not caused by NTFS file system nor read-only permission, another possible cause might be the disk corruption.

Then you will have to fix the corrupted WD My Passport external hard drive to make it writable again. We will introduce two solutions here:.

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This solution might help you solve the read-only external hard drive problem without formatting. You will utilize a built-in tool on Mac called Disk Utility.

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It is used to manage internal and external disks on Mac. There is a function called First Aid in Disk Utility that can be used to check for and repair errors on the selected disk or volume. If First Aid fails to repair the WD external hard drive, your disk might be seriously corrupted. You will have to reformat the WD My passport to make it not read-only. Reformatting the corrupted disk is the ultimate solution for fixing the read-only WD My Passport drive.

Of course, you can choose another file system that best meets your needs.

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The HD should show in finder. Jul 15, 2 1. I tried the above and it didn't work. However, after boot, it doesn't show up in Finder.

The drive tests all show no problems. Sadly, my TimeMachine backup is on the drive, so as of now, I'm trying to figure out how to get the backup off this drive and on to another so I can downgrade back to El Capitan until they work out more bugs with Sierra. FSugino macrumors newbie. Jul 1, 6 1. Beagleboys said:. Sammypurple macrumors regular. Feb 1, 72 Massachusetts, United States. Uninstalling the Turbo Driver worked for me as well. Both of my WD drives are usable now. I was able to get my drive to work, finally.

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Instead of allowing the installer to install only two drivers, I clicked, "customize" and selected all the drivers. I then restarted and uninstalled the drivers as things worked fine. Thanks for the help! Sjorre macrumors newbie.

Sep 20, 2 3. For all those that still have the issue.

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Just solved mine by performing a firmware update of my drive. WD does not offer it on their website anymore, but by following the next link you might be able to get it. Last edited: Sep 20, Reactions: Durrell , grahamperrin and stooovie. Sunnykeysfl macrumors newbie.

Sep 27, 1 1. Aug 8, Kevin Zimmerman macrumors newbie. Oct 1, 1 0. Oct 29, 1 0.

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To get WD external hard drives recognizable on OS Zab the Fab macrumors regular. Nov 26, BuffaloJohn macrumors newbie. Nov 27, 5 3. Zab the Fab said:. Sierra has had no problem displaying the hard drive though.