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Get your own Witgui 2. Jul 21, 5 0. I realize this is an old thread but I was hoping I could find help using Witgui.

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I have the app running and have a. Upon opening the.

Re: mac alternative to wiiscrubber

What am I missing? Do I need to partition my HDD in some way to use this feature? Desairem said:. Sky Blue Guest.

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Jan 8, 6, Sky Blue said:. Yeah, I don't get this either??? I'm dragging the iso into the window, and it doesn't do anything.. Tommax91 macrumors newbie. Jun 19, 2 0. Question Desairem said:. Tommax91 said:. Hi sorry for the inconvenience, but I have a pressing question Thank you for your time.

how to put wii games onto a usb or hard drive

Hi Tommax, there is no obligation on splitting a game. The only reason why you'd want to do a split is because you use a FAT partition like you do , which can't store files bigger than 4GB. Hence you should definitely use this option. Thank you again. Jul 3, 2 0. Wow this is an old post? Here goes anyway. Okay, so, on witgui simple question really which format should a GC iso be converted into?

Wbfs manager-Mountain Lion, the solution (2) | FabiOnline

I am going to start with iso and hope it works. Many thanks Muskalicious macrumors newbie. There has to be a solution for OS X, but I have yet to find it. That does not mean it does not exist in one of those, but I looked as carefully as I could as a not-quite-a-noob-but-surely-not-a-ninja, and I had no luck. Any other thoughts? I look forward to trying out your expansion! I don't own a Mac and so I can't really help.

WIT: Wiimms ISO Tools

Thanks for the prompt reply, Joe. After the self-loathing that came with posting on the forum e. With WiiBaFu I extracted the files and added your patch.

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I'd love to hear from someone telling me about some obvious misstep! For now, though, I'm working on that Bootcamp partition Good work on the attempts so far, I would help you out if I had a mac. I would recommend looking for a forum for the WiiBaFu program and seeing if someone there can help you. If you figure it out let me know and I'll add the info to the installation guides. Again, with OS X I had to settle for "so close yet so far away I haven't completed vanilla quests yet so I haven't tried out the actual missions, but the ISO works and my quest log was different, so I'm pleased!

Again, major props for putting this together.

Between this project and John Fart's development of a private server www. You're done.

I guess I'm neurotic? Thanks again, Joe. Alright, good job on getting it working man, I'm impressed. Thanks for the private server link, I'll be looking into that. I won't add your guide to the website as it requires windows, I'm convinced there must be a way to do it with just OS X, so I'll wait till someone figures that out. Either way, I'm glad you got it working. Worked great!

I am now enjoying the expansion pack very much. So for anyone who is struggling with this on Mac, try Wine to run WiiScrubber. It might work on Mac like it did on Linux. In reply to this post by Joe. That's fair with my "guide" as it's not really anything new. I'm asking around the universe for help with WiiBaFu and I'll update if I learn about that last crucial step of recompiling after extraction.