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The difference is that the Path Bar shows the path in a horizontal format, while the Path button uses a vertical format.

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The other difference is the Path button only displays the path when the button is clicked. Our final method for showing the path to an item within a Finder window makes use of the Finder's title bar and its proxy icon. The Finder's proxy icon can already display a path; all you need to do is right-click on the icon. Once again, this path uses a series of icons to show the path to the current Finder window.

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For instance, if you had a Finder window open on your Downloads folder, the standard proxy icon would be a folder icon with the name Downloads. The Finder will restart, after which any Finder window will display the long pathname to the current location of a folder. The Finder Path Bar and the related path features of the Finder can be a handy shortcut when working with files and folders.

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Mac OS X – show the full path in the Finder window

Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. The Finder Path Bar is disabled by default, but it only takes a few seconds to enable it. The Path Bar will now display in all of your Finder windows. Open a Finder window. Select Hide Path Bar from the View menu.

The Path Bar will disappear. Double-clicking any of the folders in the Path Bar takes you to that folder.

How to Copy File Path in Mac OS X

You can move files and folders to any item in the Path Bar by simply dragging and dropping them. You can also move folders around within the Path Bar.

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This can be handy if you accidentally created a folder at the wrong level, and it would be better if it were moved up or down the existing path. If there is no GUI for it in the Finder maybe launching it from the command line with the path?

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  6. Something like:. This short cut works in the file open and save dialog as well. Listen now.

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    Find the Absolute Path to a folder or directory in Mac OS X

    Finder has a menu item found under Go "Go to Folder…" where you can type a full path. Is there a way to click on the path in finder and insert the path string right there, as in Windows Explorer? I'm not sure I follow what Finder would do to insert a string when you are clicking on an object. Too bad this is a quick key and not built into the Finder. Fortunately G for go is easy to remember so maybe we are better off just remembering that.