Power mac g4 mdd sata card

I also picked up my old MHz iMac G4 just over a week ago. So something seems odd in the title of this post.

pci sata card mac g4

Well this machine was originally a FireWire single 1GHz model that the guy swapped a MHz dual processor card into this thing which came out of a QuickSilver. If I end up keeping this it will turn into a dual 1. Owell, spare fans if I ever buy a noisy MDD! So plans for this Mac? Both the G5s I got back in March!

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But I will set this mac up on my desk next to my hackintosh and use it for PowerPC stuff. Stay tuned!

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PowerMac G3 Upgrade: PCI SATA Card & SATA HD

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Which sata card will WORK! with a Mac G4 … - Apple Community

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Mike Erwin My quest for a better Quicksilver began when a capacitor broke off the CPU daughter card during cleaning -- I was being thorough, okay!? The only original "extra" was a Zip drive. This is the first time I've totaled up my investment It went through a couple of hard drives during college rpm makes a big difference , and its memory went up as my friends discarded their RAM sticks.

We Quicksilver fans are stuck with only three RAM slots, but it's a small price to pay for such a handsome tower! After breaking the CPU card, I decided to honor this fine machine with some upgrades. Runs cool and nearly silent.

PowerMac G4 MDD upgrades: Serial ATA controller and HDD; Memory; DVD-RW

To make up for the environmentally-friendly fans, I made use of a terribly noxious rubberized coating from 3M. If it comes with an OSHA warning, it has to be good! This asphault-based paint is a great sound insulator and vibration dampener. It's supposed to be for tire wells, but hey, why not! Right now it's on the outside of each expansion card plate for looks , and also lines the internal speaker housing to give it some extra punch.

The inner face of each PCI card plate has just the black primer, which looks awesome. So the inside looks nicer, but is far from finished.

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  • This other unit was a little beaten up, but was once an amazing machine. It has dual GHz with the really fast L3 cache , 1. Why not use the dual GHz card instead?

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    It came with a burned capacitor. These are the tiny surface-mount tantalum parts, not the "cans" on the or dual cards. It ran without incident when I first got the unit, but I don't want to risk further damage until my hand is steady enough to repair it.

    The power supply is also gummed up, but I think only the fan is bad. It gets very hot in there, as you can imagine, so it remains powered off. This puts it ahead of the superdrive. I'd like to benchmark the expensive memory against the stock, now that I've got three sticks of each. There was a premium for the "faster" sticks -- did I pay too much for this? This "spare" G4 is subject to riskier modifications. So far, the rear ventillation has really opened up for the CPUs. I sacrificed both rear audio jacks for more wind capacity or because it looks cooler USB, firewire, ethernet remain.